Andreas Evander

Projectmanager / Advisor

About me

Affectionate IT-Specialist, focusing on It advisory, project management, & It Solution architecture.

Andreas background lies within technology, he is trained in Microsoft technologies with very good technical understanding. Andreas Project Management expertise is within data centers and cloud environments with expert knowledge about messaging & collaboration solutions. Andreas is highly skilled in business understanding, business and change transformations and supporting business in functionality development and testing.

To summarize, Andreas has a deep technical knowledge combined with skills in the management part of IT, with well documented knowledge about business case, feasibility studies, and need analyzes.

Andreas integrates well with others, and quickly become a trusted partner to whatever task he manage. He has the highest recommendations from his customers and is a person that can handle very high workloads.

Earlier experiences

Delivery Lead / Advisory



Andreas continued working as delivery lead, reponsible for all iTravel project deliveries, reporting to the onsite project manager. Andreas had a key role in the communication and collaboration between Hurtigruten and its vendors/subcontractors. In parallell Andreas acted as advisor to program board and Hurtigruten business managment. Andreas contract was extended even when the entire managment team including CIO were replaced to make way for a new CIO and with that a new project team.

Key successfactors in this project has been
- Very good communicative skills
- Very good people managment skills
- Entrepenourial drive, focusing on driving change
- Solution focus and pragmatism

Andreas has the best availible references from his work at Hurtigruten

Project Manager



Responsible as project manager for the implementation of a new booking platform for the Hurtigruten group, including re-design of all interface/subsystems with a project budget of > 150 MNOK and > 50 FTE's. Project was initiated in June 2016 with go-live planned 15th June 2017. The project finsihed its deliveries, but go-live was postponed due to vendor application being delayed more than 1 year.

Technical Project Manager

Soltak AB


Technical Project manager in Soltak AB's infrastructure team, managing multiple technical projects during the insourcing phase Soltak was doing for their customers. In parallel with the project management role Andreas was also acting as Incident Manager in several very severe security incidents. Through hard and well planned work, impact was minimized and processes were put in place to remove the current security holes.
Andreas also had a supporting and advisory role to managment team at SOLTAK during the 8 months assignment.

Andreas has very good references from his work at Soltak.

Senior Project Manager/Advisory Consultant

Frontica Business Solutions


During the later part of 2015, Andreas was brought on for a Skype 4 Business implementation project to assist with project implementation as project timeline was exceeded. Andreas worked very intensivly during Q2 and Q3 to re-design solution for it to support the requested and promised functionality.

Senior Project Manager/Advisory Consultant

Frontica Business Solutions


During 2015 Andreas managed the separation of email resources for Fronticas customers as part of the Akersolutions company de-merger. Andreas worked very closely with company management to design and implement a Office 365 based Exchange Online email solution, sized for 35000+ accounts. The delivery also included request for Cloudstorage, and cloud collaboration tools, resulting in implementation of Office 365 sharepoint online, and a recommendation not to move forward with Onedrive due to product being immature at the time.

Senior Project Manager/Advisory Consultant

Frontica Business Solutions


Andreas managed the upgrade of the email solution for Akersolutions total 42 000 accounts. The project was initiated Q1 2014, included pre-study, business aspects, it-architecture, business case, design, build, implementation and migration. The project revealed several architectual challenges in Microsoft's Exchange 2013 product. This resulted in several re-designs by Microsoft for Exchange product, before project was completed Q1 2015.

Senior Project Manager/Advisory Consultant

Frontica Business Solutions


Andreas has managed a project to implement a private cloud platform based on VMware vCloud Automation Center (VCAC). During the latter part of 2014, Andreas took over a project that involves building a new 3PA (Third Party Access) VPN solution based on Citrix NetScaler.

In 2015 Andreas has initiated and managed a program for implementation of Microsoft's Office 365 services. This includes feasibility study, business case, and program governance.
A very extensive evaluation of the infrastructure has been performed to ensure a low risk implementation of Office 365.

In 2015, the customer undergoes a business divestment. The end state is to divide the company into three different entities. Andreas part of the separation is to ensure that the Exchange environment is separated and migrated to the new companies.

During Q2 2015, Andreas has also been involved as technical project manager in an initiative to upgrade the client's Lync solution from Lync 2010 to Skype for Business. Scope of the delivery was also to enable Enterprise Voice, which allows to use Skype as a replacement for desk phones, as well as an advanced solution for integrating Cisco video conferencing system with Skype for Business.

Senior Project Manager

Aker Business Solutions


Andreas runs the customer’s large it infrastructure projects.

During 2013 Andreas conducted a large review of Aker Solutions' server park. This included several sub- projects, including the RFP and investment in new storage solution, a major upgrade of its 200 VMware ESXi hosts and its almost 2,000 virtual machines. The project also entailed a thorough cleanup in Active Directory.

During 2013-2014, Andreas conducted a pre study on the customer's email solution, that resulted in a new email platform based on Exchange 2013 for the customers nearly 50 000 mailboxes. All email accounts have subsequently been migrated to the new platform and the old platform has been decommissioned. During the project, a Exchange 2013 architecture issue was found, Andreas was responsible for an extensive troubleshooting together with Microsoft to ensure stable operations, this resulted in re-design for parts of Exchange product, and several Microsoft TechNet Articles/Whitepapers were produced.

Service Delivery Manager / Technical Account Manager

QBranch Gothenburg

2011 - 2013

Worked as Service Delivery Manager for sourcing contracts to customers based in west of sweden. Also responsible for their technical environments, assisting customers with technical advisory, architechtual advisory aswell as day to day operational tasks

It-Manager / Project Manager

Svenska Bil AB

2005 - 2011

Andreas was part of the managing team in Svenska Bil during several years, Worked as IT manager and project manager for multiple larger projects.

Svenska Bil went through big changes during the years 2005-2010 where the company both invested and divested due to market and legal reasons. Andreas was working as IT-Manager and project manager, successfully leading a number of bigger projects, one being splitting the Svenska Bil (+1 billion turnover)company in two entities, including everything from legal, employee, IT and processes.

Skills & expertise

Experienced IT-Project Manager with great personal skills, technical understanding and very high work ethic. Vast Experience in understanding businesess and their needs and transforming needs into roadmaps for increasing productivity and lowering businesses costs.
Highly skilled in ITSM and ITIL with big experience and highly recommended as Incident manager.

Expert in Managing complex projects where both technology, processes and people are involved. Has large experience in cloud based applications especially in Microsoft environments.

Very high understanding of datacentres and their challenges in todays highpaced IT-market.

Fluent in English & Swedish

Certificates & Education

  • #IT Management
  • #ITIL
  • #Project Management
  • #Cloud Transformation
  • #Incident Management
  • #IT Advisory
  • #Program Management
  • #IT Operations
  • #Training / Knowledge transfer
  • #Office365
  • #Collaboration Tools/Exchange/Skype
  • #IT Service management
  • #Windows Server
  • #Service Delivery
  • #Outsourcing
  • #Identity and access management

About GetIT Nordic

GetIT Nordic is a consulting and advisory company that started in 2012 by Alfred Ström. We have operations in Sweden and Norway, with its head office in Gothenburg. We assist our customers with advice and delivery of projects to improve efficiency and create opportunities to invest in a more efficient manner than has been done historically. Today's IT is extremely agile , therefore GetIT Nordic chosen to be completely disconnected to suppliers when we want to be completely independent and unbiased in our recommendations .

GetIT Nordic has since had a good performance , we are now about 25 employees in Sweden and Norway.

We believe that success does not come out of itself, but through hard work and by giving that little extra. Therefore, the additional involvement is a core value at GetIT Nordic.

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