Kent Nyberg

Identity and Access manager

About Kent

Kent has acquired expert knowledge in identity and access management from many years of design and development of large-scale cross-platform IAM systems.

Kent has also functioned as SCRUM team leader for teams distributed around the world (Sweden, India, Poland and USA). He also has many years of experience working in large and complex projects as software architect.

Kent has worked in projects and system maintenance with requirements analysis, systems design, architecture and development (TDD, Scrum / Kanban, C# and C++).

In addition to general knowledge of architecture, he is specialized in domain-driven design, service-oriented architecture, multi-tier architecture, process design, message driven design and other design patterns addressing qualities such as scalability, modifiability, supportability.

The work was done in large organizations for complex systems with extensive systems integration.

One of Kent’s key skills is the ability to analyze customer requirements and early get an understanding how to approach the design and drive the development producing an implementation of best quality. Passion and persistence are two key words that fit well on him.

Kent is born in Gällivare 1957 and moved to Göteborg 1990, he and his partner has two grown up boys which has moved out. Family and friends are important parts in his life.

Other interest are downhill skiing, motorcycles (racing and touring) and boats.

Cooking and carpentry are also a big part of his spare time.

Earlier experiences

Scrum master (80%), Software Architect (20%)

Volvo Cars (Connected Cars), Gothenburg Sweden

2018-01 - Current

Working as SCRUM master at Connected Cars team, responsible to drive SCRUM process implementation and align with SAFe implementation. Starting to function as software architect moving to 100% architecture.

IAM Solution Architect, supporting role up to 25%

Hennes & Mauritz, Stockholm Sweden

2018-01 - Current

Supporting transition of my role as IAM/Software architect to new resources at H&M. Providing on demand support. Knowledge sharing.

IAM Solution Architect

Hennes & Mauritz, Stockholm Sweden

2012-09 - 2017-12

Responsible for procurement, designing and delivering an Identity and Access management solution for H&M globally. The work started with procurement of system by RFI/RFP process. Responsible of the design and implementation/roll-out plan throughout H&M offices and stores around the world. Integration design for identity and access provisioning and integration to several platforms, AD, SAP, Cornerstone on demand, ServiceNow, Azure AD, custom Cloud platforms, POS systems and LOB applications. Working with procurement of Privileged Access Management system. Participating in work of designing a common solution architecture focusing on security, authentication and authorisation.

IT/Solution Architect IdM

Volvo Information Technology AB, Gothenburg

2011-03 - 2012-08

Responsible for Identity Management solution for Volvo and associated companies. This also includes external customers. Working with integrating multiple target platforms such as Windows, Unix, SAP, ACF2, OID with a common service layer for handling lifecycle of both identities and accesses. The integration is done using Microsoft FIM and IBM TIM products over SOAP, LDAP, WMI and WMQ. Included in the solution are also integration to numerous HR systems for handling life cycling of employments. For end-user there is both a self-service and support/admin portal. Many other systems within the landscape are using services provided by our Idm infrastructure.

Lead Software Architect, Embedded software

Volvo Trucks, Volvo, Gothenburg

2010-09 - 2011-02

Worked as lead software architect in project, implementing support for new combined electrical architecture for trucks.
Systems: Windows, Unix, Mainframe, embedded systems

IT/software Architect in refactoring project

Volvo Information Technology AB, Gothenburg

2004-04 - 20010-08

Solution architect, developer leader, and technical responsible, head of design and software architect for refactoring of Faros IDM solution. Scope for the project (SCRUM) was to rewrite a system implementing a new architecture and with resources distributed across the world, Sweden, USA, Poland and India. The designed architecture is based on Volvo target architecture. The system serving >200 000 users worldwide needed to be up and running during entire refactoring work. Efforts to move from a monolith application design to a system with loosely coupled domains over a period of 3½ years without disrupting production was successfully finished. The result was verified by looking at non-functional qualities such as scalability, modifiability, supportability and how well the new architecture supported them. Worked as a scum team leader, developer leader and lead designer partly located in Bangalore, India to secure delivery of Faros refactoring project.
My efforts from a 3 month period in Bangalore resulted in an increased velocity from 30% to 50%.
Programming languages used are: LDAP, C/C++, C#, ASP.NET, java. System components: IIS, LDAP, AD, BizTalk, ILM, .NET

Software Architect IdM

Volvo Information Technology AB, Gothenburg

2006-02 - 2007-04

Designed a new architecture for Volvo IT IdM solution, Faros. The work was done together with Volvo IT governance function. Based on Volvo target architecture a new architecture was designed, including implementation and migration path.

Software developer / architect for Volvo IT IdM solution userAdm-Faros.

Volvo Information Technology AB, Gothenburg

2003-10 - 2006-01

Worked as developer specialized in LDAP/access control implementation. Worked with systems integration. Designed .NET framework for IdM management to be used within project. Designed and implemented web portal solution. Implemented web services for external usage, The system is the backbone of all IdM at Volvo, covering all from start of a new user, managing accesses, applications, access reviews of business applications, password synchronization between different environments and termination of users. The major part of the design is in house done and is implemented using Microsoft ILM, BizTalk, SQL, ADAM (ldap), SMS and AD. Faros has been developed over a time period of 7 years and has become the raw model of Microsofts IdM product Forefront Lifecycle Manager, previous ILM. Designed and implemented password synchronization services together with Microsoft architects, this design has been recommended by MS as how to implement password synchronization.
Programming languages used are: LDAP, C/C++, C#, ASP.NET, java. System components: IIS, LDAP, AD, BizTalk, ILM, .NET

Software engineer / systems designer

Volvo Information Technology AB, Gothenburg

1997-09 - 2003-10

Designed and implemented enterprise world wide client desktop system for Volvo group (60000 users) software distribution, client upgrade, server upgrade. Novell NetWare, windows. Designed and developed modules for Novell servers and windows clients to accomplice real time access management during logon process. Designed and partly developed file synchronization services for Novell-Windows. Designed and developed password synchronization services for windows clients connected to AD infrastructure. This included password filter and local services on all domain controllers. Software engineer/designer/architect of enterprise ID management system (Lisa/ADA/Gandalf) for Volvo group and associated customers. Designed and developed a real time distributed access management system.
This system granted accesses to applications on servers the user logged on throughout the Volvo enterprise network independent on where in the world the user was located. The solution was implemented as core modules deployed on Novell servers and on windows clients. This design was presented on a Novell breakfast seminar in Salt Lake City 2000 and was recognized as the 3 rd most wanted solution by Novell large customers. Novell did spend 3 years trying to implement such solution without success. Provided Microsoft with a hotfix to solve windows XP integration issue with Novell. This was released by Microsoft as an official hotfix. This hot fix was developed as a kernel module requesting DHCP information at client start up and provides it to the Novell system to resolve connection issues.
Programming languages used are: LDAP, C/C++, C#, ASP.NET, java. System components: IIS, LDAP, AD, Novell Netware, .NET, TCP/IP

Teacher, System manager for educational network, Systems engineer

Gothenburg schools, Gothenburg

1994-08 - 1997-09

C++/object oriented programming and design. Art teacher. Designed and developed identity and access solution for education network. Developed, implemented and maintained computer network for educational purpose. Developed and implemented web based educational administrative system. Developed and implemented phone based absence/grade tool for parents.
Programming languages used are: LDAP, C/C++, VB, ASP, java.

Systems engineer, Developer

NIKAB, Gällivare Sweden

1982-01 - 1994-07

Designed and implemented (CAD/CAM), computer aided construction and steering software for mechanical tin sheet shop, integrating with punch machines. Developed by low level programming changes to computer controlled punch machine. Managed company network, implementing Novell Netware version 1.0.

Art Teacher


- 1982-01

Kent worked as an art teacher.

Skills & expertise

During three months of work together with offshore development teams on site in Bangalore, India, Kent greatly improved the quality and efficiency of the work produced by the teams ensuring delivery of business critical agile project. The work was recognized and awarded by Volvo IT management.

Kent has/is...
• currently responsible for solution design and hgh level software design of a global hybrid identity & access management solution for H&M

• worked in several projects over a period of seven years analyzing, designing, developing and ultimately deliver an IAM system managing more than 200 000 users worldwide for Volvo.

• played a leading role in the requirement specification and design of a new architecture implemented in a refactoring project over 4 years. Migration of 2.5 million lines of code was carried out stepwise top-down without significantly affecting users. This was a result of the migration path advocated by Kent, and later implemented.

• designed and developed in-house a CAD system for unfolding of 3-dimentional geometrical bodies, delivered to several companies in the sheet metal industry throughout Europe.

• designed and delivered a hotfix for Microsoft to solve the integration problems between Novell and Windows, this was released by Microsoft as an official hot-fix.

• designed and developed systems for dynamic right assignment in real time on Novell servers, this use case is ranked by Novell business key customers as the third most desired function.

• together with the development team designed and developed a first-class desktop/server environment with access management for large companies, spread across the world.

• designed and developed server implementation of an advanced client-server file synchronization solution between Windows and Novell.

• developed .NET SOAP libraries and APIs in C++ with managed extensions.

• developed .NET LDAP libraries and APIs in C++ with managed extensions.

• designed and developed password synchronization components production set of domain controllers, synchronization made to other AD, ACF2, and Oracle Directory.

• designed and developed GINA extension in C++.


  • #C/C++
  • #Pascal/Delphi
  • #COM+
  • #ASP.NET
  • #WebServices
  • #C #
  • #.NET
  • #Java
  • #NetWare (NLM)
  • #LDAP
  • #TCP / IP
  • #UML
  • #SQL
  • #Scrum
  • #Agile ms
  • #RUP
  • #TDD
  • #Kanban
  • #Identity & Access Management solution for complex and large scale environments
  • #Designed integration design pattern for identity& Access provisioning to various target systems
  • #Advanced distributed system design with SOA
  • #Service-Oriented Architecture
  • #Contract first approach, WebServices
  • #Event oriented Design
  • #Domain Driven Design
  • #Working with Design Patterns
  • #Multilayer Architecture
  • #MSMQ Development
  • #WMQ Development
  • #Integration design with ILM and BizTalk
  • #Active Directory
  • #Exchange
  • #ACf2

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