Göran Peterson

SQL Server Technical Specialist

About Göran

You will often hear Göran say: “First, let’s automate everything that goes on. Then we monitor it all, and help you out!  The market is constantly evolving, and we want to make sure you are at the forefront. To the best conditions on the market.”

With 20 years in the industry and a constant drive to improve efficiency, Göran’s experience will fit in well when seeking a senior consultant for the advisory role, but also for the role of Senior DBA in the critical day-to-day processes. With a MBA in economics, Göran also has an appreciated understanding and interest in the Customer’s Business, and that resources are used as efficiently as possible.


Database Architect and Lead Developer



Well rooted in the full implementation of "Everything SQL Server Maintenance", Göran was appointed the Database Architect behind the RPA-class Automation-tool DB24, with a mission to keep Customers' SQL Server Database Environment at the front of their Competition.
Göran is also the Lead Programmer and Developer of the Project team.
New major release is planned for Q1, 2020.
Go explore DB24 and all it's capabilities right now: https://getitnordic.com/db24

SQL Server Tech Lead/Senior DBA

112 SOS Alarm HK, Stockholm


In its ongoing work on the improvement of IT infrastructure, SOS Alarm identified the need for a thorough analysis and consolidation of the organization’s SQL Server environments.
This affects the entire operation, from the Alarm Sector to Data Marts and business database management.
As one of the foremost in his field of knowledge, Goran was engaged as responsible for carrying out this complex and critical mission.
The complete SQL Server environment is migrated and updated to keep SOS Alarm on the technical forefront of the market.
Top design goals are automation, "hands-off" management and top performance.
As a consequence of this, there is increased quality in the areas of safety, robustness and transparency of the systems.
The Consolidation Project was finished in June, 2019.

SQL Server Lead Developer/Tech Lead

Bisnode AS


During 2017 there was a request for a SQL Server Lead Developer to take the total technical responsibility for the development of Bisnode's “Synced Marketing” Software.
Göran filled that role, working closely with marketing lead. He developed business cases, code and methods.
Göran also refactored existing code and developed new business modules software code. The main programming language was TSQL, and some C#.
The mission also included to develop methods for regression testing and secure and automated data transfer.

Senior SQL DBA / Project Lead /Advisor

CRAMO HQ Stockholm


Göran was assigned the task of designing and delivering a complete SQL Server Operations Model for CRAMO, including all aspects as Life Cycle management, deployment, monitoring, security, patching, incident/problem management, as well as to operating the SQL environment on an automated basis.
During 2013 Göran was Technical Lead for migrating production SQL Clusters geographically without system outages and without modifications to the application end. Project had 100% success rate.
During 2016 a new D/R solution based on Windows Azure SQL Server and a modern MS FCI OnPrem was built by and on design by Göran. No Business downtime was experienced. As a by-product, all systems were upgraded to SQL Server 2014 on a system-by-system basis for continuous delivery.

Senior SQL DBA/Technical Specialist

Acne Studios HQ IT Stockholm


To support strong business growth, Göran was assigned to design and implement a new HA Model for the business’ SQL Infrastructure, consolidating the most important system. The solution comprised upgrading to SQL Server 2014, migration of Microsoft Dynamics and Biz Talk. The assignment included both SQL Design/Technical Lead and implementation.

Technical Specialist

Paynova Stockholm


Göran was given the assignment to redesign and implement a new HA Model for an online-payment solution, based on geo-clustering. The solution chosen was to upgrade to SQL2012 and implement AlwaysOn on a virtual platform. The assignment included both SQL Design/Technical Lead and implementation.

Technical Specialist

SOBI Stockholm


Göran was given the assignment to help SOBI (Swedish Orphan Biovitrum) upgrade Infrastructure SQL Servers to SQL2012 on the HyperV-platform.
The assignment included both disk consolidation and database consolidation.

Senior SQL DBA / Project Lead / Advisor

Klintberg & Way Stockholm


Göran was asked to take on the task of designing and delivering a complete SQL Server Operations Model for K&W, including Life Cycle management, deployment, monitoring, security, patching, incident/problem management, as well as to operating the SQL environment on an automated basis.

Technical Specialist / Project Lead

CRAMO HQ Stockholm


Göran was the Project Lead for consolidating and upgrading CRAMO’s SQL based systems up to the SQL 2008 R2 level.
In the assignment was also to design an optimized technical operations model, comprising HA.
The systems were upgraded and consolidated into the new production cluster, designed and configured by Göran.


HP Stockholm / Major insurance company


Göran was assigned as acting Advisor in the project for a major insurance company consolidating their complete SQL environment into a Virtual Platform. Göran covered all technical aspects, such as overall design-, deployment- and system integrations issues.

System Design / Project Lead

Swedish SOS Authorities


The project goal was to design and implement a Super-High-Availability distributed SQL system with the highest goals set by the most demanding “blue light” authorities in Sweden.
The technical specification included “No downtime allowed, and built-in self-reconciliation with complete data integrity”.
The customer have deployed the system with 100% success rate.

Senior SQL DBA

Rikskuponger HQ Stockholm


Göran exercised the roles as Technical Project Lead as well as Solution Design and Implementing, in the respective stages during the assignment.
The assignment was to build a new consolidated SQL operations environment from the ground up, maintaining Rikskuponger’s high demands for performance and security. The system is a banking system based on issuing & redemption of vouchers.
The existing systems was analyzed and documented, all systems were upgraded to SQL Server 2008 R2 and a SQL dedicated SAN was set up, maintaining the new production cluster.

Senior SQL DBA, System Manager and Technical Specialist

Trygg Hansa, Volvo IT, Unisys, IBMA/Astra Zeneca R&D

2003 - 2010

2009 – 2010 Trygg Hansa HQ Stockholm – Nordic SQL Team - Senior SQL DBA
2007 – 2009 Volvo IT – Global 3rd line SQL Team - Senior SQL DBA
2006 Unisys – North Europe Server Center - Senior SQL DBA
2003 – 2008 IBM/AstraZeneca R&D – System Management - SQL DBA

Examples of typical assignments: consolidating hundreds of SQL Server systems, maintaining global SQL Systems, designing and building Microsoft Clusters, writing global Clustering White Papers, migrate Oracle to SQL Server, upgrade old/flawed systems, responsible for new snapshot based backup technology, technical resource in projects, plus all daily SQL DBA chores.

Skills & expertise

Göran Peterson a skilled consultant that you can rely on when taking important decisions, or when understanding if and how to modernize the company computer system. Your company's business operations form the basis of the assessment of how SQL Server best benefits the company. Sometimes it doesn't have to be particularly remarkable, and sometimes heavy complexity is required when many systems are involved. No matter what, Göran helps the business find the most efficient solution in the market. The experience of hundreds of assignments in the most varied types of company sizes and types is today a rare and sought after merit that we are happy to offer our customers. Be prepared to endure quite a lot of typical Gothenburg humor and a lot of music.

Göran helped Microsoft Sweden in the launch of SQL Server 2014 and acted as Partner Seller (technical pre-sale) during 2014 - 2016.

Göran has been an appreciated consultant at the following companies:

2016 – GetIT Nordic AB – Senior SQL Server DBA
2010 – 2016 B3IT Connexions AB – Senior SQL Server DBA
2004 – 2010 QBranch – Senior SQL Server DBA
2001 – 2004 Border Consulting – Senior Consultant and Project Lead
1997 – 2001 Endero – Senior Consultant and Project Lead


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  • #AlwaysOn Availability Groups
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  • #Name Resolution Protocol
  • #Database Architecture
  • #Database Developer (ANSI SQL -92)

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