Georgios Bramis

Business & Solution Architect

My story

Georgios is a technical business consultant specializing in project management, architecture and development in IT and infrastructure. Georgios has worked in the industry since 1996 to streamline and develop customers’ operations.

Georgios has a creative and analytical approach and likes to work close to people and he leads businesses forward with new and innovative solutions. Georgios enjoys working in a team where he contributes his professionalism, energy and clear focus.

Georgios Bramis experience suitable for business development with an emphasis on new business models, new IT services and new IT architecture. Georgios specializes in the design of complete systems.

Earlier experiences

Business Engineering


2016-10 -2020-07

Working within group that elaborate business mostly within CGI outsourced customers, we identify, design and implement the solutions
Design and calculate Office 365 for several customers.
Design and calculate EMM solutions with INTUNE and AirWatch for private and School.
Work with Naturvårdsverket when they were moving to new location, WAN, LAN/WLAN client and infrastructure.

Implementing Extended incident manager at customer.
A security solution with logging and analyze function at Customer.
Project plan for upgrading old Citrix farms and merge to one.

Project Manager

Kronans droghandel

2016-05 > 2016-09

Responsible for a decommission projects where we should move the entire server park to ENFO in Finland after the Kronan been acquired by Oriola.
We were are about 9st from CGI and 8st from ENFO and the project is proceeding as planned with the good cooperation between all parties.

Solution Architect / PM



LANTAPP 2 Lantmännen
Responsible for a Citrix project that included moving the environment from Skara datacenter to Bromölla / Liljeholmen and upgrading the environment to newer technology and repackaging about 250 applications.

Office upgrade Lantmännen
Project management concerning upgrade all of Lantmannens client’s with new Office version, about 5 000 clients in 15 countries. The project involved 7 persons. We delivered on time and in budget.

SCCM Upgrade
Project management: Project manager for upgrading of Lantmännen SCCM environment and a review of GPO's for a more modern and uniform workplace. The project involved about 5,000 workplaces and 10 distribution points worldwide. The project was successful in both time and budget frames.

Solution Architect 2015
2 different banks 2015
Solution architect for SaaS solutions for a small part of two different banks where we solved there needs through a SaaS solution.

At the start, there were about 700 applications in the environment, at the completion of the project there are about 250 applications. The project was successful and delivered under budget.

Project Manager


2015-02 > 2015-06

Project management of verifying that LVM mirroring works and gives the desired effect and that the systems do not lose performance

Solution Architect


2015-01 > 2015-06

Share a Space
Solution architect: solution architect infrastructure for a cloud-based solution that will manage Eurostep share a space for VCC.

Requirements Analyst



Transformation Projects where Schenker moves its EDI to a new system in Germany. Planning and coordination of the need for change

Service Delivery Manager



SDM within ELTEL workplace, managing incident, problem, change, release changes and recommended changes that made ELTEL's workplace more efficient.




Analyst in the PSA integration project. Transformation project where Schenker moves his EDI to a new system in Germany. Planning and coordination of change needs

Solution Architect


2012-03 > 2013-04

IT architect. Development of new infrastructure, workplaces/INTUNES, e-mail Office365, servers, VPN, ERP AX 2012 and support, and much more.
Design of a solution based on the CGI core capacity services, managed services and cloud-based services, Office 365 and Intune from Microsoft. TPPG could minimize the need for investment at the time of service at a fixed monthly cost. Strategic issues and ball blank at the need for change in the close relationship with TPPG.

Project Manager


2011-05 > 2012-05

Project Manager. Unfortunately, the client project had ended up in a phase where it was not progressing and needed to be completed and involved in the project team. The project was completed correctly after consideration

SDM/Account Manager


2009-05 > 2013-05

Account manager/SDM. BAA outsourcing its application packaging to Logica. Responsible for calculating costs, developing new processes and routines and implementing internally and externally.

Project manager

Volvo Finans Bank

2010-04 > 2010-08

Introduction of standardized client management for Volvo finance

Solution Architect/Project Manager



Project management, solution architect and strategic advisor. Cooperation with Pharmadule-Emtunga from transitions projects when they chose WM-data / CGI as a partner. Recommendation of solutions for different business challenges. Consolidation Projects where Pharmadule market during the financial crisis faltered, resulting in downsizing of operations.
Implementation VMARE a VDI solution that solved their problem when it comes to the above challenge. The solution was highly appreciated by Pharmadule staff and IT management. Pharmadule in a box where everything was configured in advance with a server that contained DC, file and print and DP functionality for client management, Internet router and WLAN. LAN / WAN and access to local and central resources.
Sales offices in the US where users had their own equipment with the requirements around security, they worked locally and all mission critical and core resources had to have access through the previously implemented VDI solution.
VMWARE ACE managed a fully virtual PC that solved their challenges and also check on the licenses when the ACE allows establishing how long a virtual machine must exist. Migration of local MOVEX to WM data / CGI central services.
strategic advisor towards both IT and the business

About GetIT Nordic

GetIT Nordic is a consulting and advisory company that started in 2012 by Alfred Ström. We have operations in Sweden and Norway, with its head office in Gothenburg. We assist our customers with advice and delivery of projects to improve efficiency and create opportunities to invest in a more efficient manner than has been done historically. Today's IT is extremely agile , therefore GetIT Nordic chosen to be completely disconnected to suppliers when we want to be completely independent and unbiased in our recommendations .

GetIT Nordic has since had a good performance , we are now about 25 employees in Sweden and Norway.

We believe that success does not come out of itself, but through hard work and by giving that little extra. Therefore, the additional involvement is a core value at GetIT Nordic.

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