Evolve KappAhls collaboration platform

KappAhl is investing heavily in IT services to become more efficient and competitive in the digital marketplace. To achieve this goal, one of the areas of improvement is the collaboration platform. Both management and employees has expressed a need for a reliable and effective collaboration tool that allows employees to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues and partners efficiently.

GetIT Nordic has been asked to help KappAhl in there journy to launch a new platform based on Skype for Business that is dynamic enough to meet the present and future needs of the company. The new Skype for Business platform was designed for high-availability, which ensures a reliable and efficient user experience. The platform also features precense, chat, virtual meetings with dial-in support, telephony integrations, mobile support and chat groups.

To ensure a positive user experience, interviews was facilitated with reference groups from different areas of the company as both input to the design process, but also during the project to ensure a successful implementation of plan. The supporting infrastructure like network and server capacity was rigidly tested to ensure it could manage the excepted user load. It was vital that users were well prepared, educated and fit with certified peripherals that was easy to use and produces great sound and video. A number of conference room solutions was also packaged and implemented by the project in order to deliver systems that was easy to use for everyone.

/Best regards, Fredrik Östlind